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All the staff work together to provide high-quality construction.
We suggest our eco-friendly remodeling called "Bath Deco," which by focusing on the problem of garbage, produces zero waste and comes with the potential of featuring the bricks used in Hirosaki Brick Warehouse Museum to share with all of Japan and the world.
In addition to our experience in the construction industry, which is evolving day by day, we also constantly try to improve, absorb new technologies, and aim for further growth as a company for the future.

We were involved in the brick construction of the Hirosaki Brick Warehouse Museum!

Tsuyoshi Tane is in charge of supervision of the architecture, and with the concept of "inheritance of memory." Based on the original concept, the architecture retains the memory of the building with a high degree of seismic reinforcement and a design that preserves the existing brick wall inside and outside without damage and has been constructed in a way that can be extended for future times.

It was published in the architectural magazine, GA!

Where Hirosaki Brick Warehouse Museum was featured, as well as our company.


Bath Deco stands for "Bath decoration." There is no need for large-scale construction that would involve renovation, just attach the bathroom panel directly to the wall or ceiling. By doing this the three things we achieve are "Fast!", "Beautiful!" and "Low price!". We are able to respond to various requests such as wanting to redo the bath at a cheap price, wanting just to get rid of the mold on the ceiling or walls, or wanting to clean up the bath with a simple renovation.

Company name LIKE Co., Ltd.
Established 1/24/2012
Address 4-5.23, Kitago 8-jo, Sapporo Shi Shiroishi Ku, Hokkaido, 003-0838, Japan
Phone: +81-11-867-9874 Fax: +81-11-867-9875
Number of Employees 5
License Holders Certicified Skilled Backbone Core Enginner (1) 
Licensed first class Certicified Skilled Interior Designer (1)
Licensed second class Certicified Skilled Building Construction Manager (1)
Main Customer Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Arazen Co., Ltd., Obayashi Corporation, Kameda Industry Co., Ltd., Kyosho Co., Ltd., Kirii Construction Materials Co., Ltd., COMANY INC., Satsusho Buppan Co., Ltd., Sankei Co., Ltd., Soken Co., Ltd., Yashio Kenzaikogyo Co., Ltd., Yonezawa Brick Co., Ltd.
Banks Hokuyo Bank, Sorachi Shinkin Bank, Rumoi Shinkin Bank
Sales Trends 246,700,000 yen ( Account closing month December 2018)
280,000,000 yen (Account closing month December 2019)
Construction Permits Construction business license Governor of Hokkaido permission (General-26) No. 21876
Industrial waste collection and transportation business license No. 00100200210